Lane Finding demo, Image Credit : nguyenrobot

We will make a line detection algorithm which could be used for ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) applications. Of course, many calibrations and testings should be done before to get our algorithm matured at industrial reliability. Further, the performance and the reliability of our codes need to be improved to be able to implement on Raspberry or Nvidia Jetson scale systems, which is the final objective at the end of my series of tutorials.

Line detection in this tutorial will cover :

Build a Traffic Sign Recognition Project

The goals of this project are the following:

Author : nguyenrobot
Copyright : nguyenrobot

Current github repos :

Jupyter notebooks

Keras : in Tensorlfow 2, Keras is the official high-level API that helps beginners start more quickly and concentrate in model architecture than dealing with low-level…

This is my very first project on Raspberry. My motivations come from the article of Leigh Johnson :

It seems simple to start a project on Raspberry, so let’s start.

My github repos for this project :

This project is realized in collaboration with Clément COSTE, one of my colleagues.

Part 1 — Build List

I spent roughly 100€ to…

Source of the title :

To face his fear and his phobia in every moment, I will answer.

Source of the image :

All of us have fears and they vary constantly with your life-experiences. So, fears are something normal but what we do is usually unnormal — we try to hide from them. Fears of dogs, of spiders, of phantoms, of bad scores, of job-loss, of betrayal, of death, of bad people, of non-perfection, of future, of social crises— we all experienced fears in our life-time.

I was scared by darkness and bad phantoms, even when I am at the university. One day…

Naturally, we keep our surrounding with ‘good’ people and discard away ‘bad’ people. The only reason that each of us keeps ‘bad’ people around is we think that they could be sometimes helpful.

So, classifying ‘bad’ and ‘good’ people could be good for us ?

Surprisingly, usually, it’s not ‘bad’ people that hurt you but the ‘good’ one.

Why ?

‘Good’ people get your trust and you hope that they will always make good decisions in your relationship. But, they sometimes have their own choice that could hurt you. You are frustrated by the feeling of betrayal.

It’s a mistake…

Learn and work hard at school to have good scores is a part of my early successes. Beside, soft-skills are more important for sustainably happy life. At teenager age, we have time and capacity to learn quickly many of soft-skill that could go along with us for life-time.

play sport and never give up

-[x] Sport, playing sport is a good way to maintain your physical forces and social relationships. Let’s try to play any sport that could not make serious injuries.

nguyenrobot I go far will a small backpack. I live with eagers but not with possessions. an engineer who can fix his car himself.

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