bad and good people

Naturally, we keep our surrounding with ‘good’ people and discard away ‘bad’ people. The only reason that each of us keeps ‘bad’ people around is we think that they could be sometimes helpful.

So, classifying ‘bad’ and ‘good’ people could be good for us ?

Surprisingly, usually, it’s not ‘bad’ people that hurt you but the ‘good’ one.

Why ?

‘Good’ people get your trust and you hope that they will always make good decisions in your relationship. But, they sometimes have their own choice that could hurt you. You are frustrated by the feeling of betrayal.

It’s a mistake to consider a person as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Remember that human being is naturally selfish by their ego. Each of us tends to do everything good for ourself, sometime it could be for material convenience, sometimes it could be emotional interest.

At each decision, people get many options to consider that get them confused. Hence their decision is potentially not an optimized one — which could make everyone happy.

‘bad’ people could make good decisions for a relationship and vice-versa. Let’s face that behavioural decision is a nature of human being, we are not always logical and optimized as a machine.

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