2 min readApr 2, 2022


leather craft, an accessible DIY

wondering to look for a new hobby that keep you busy ? leather craft should be a good candidate with many vertues such as :

[x] easy to start. You can even make your fisrt leather DIY without any training, it’s totally intuitive. Leather craft is not like most hobbies, sports or arts that require a certain level of aptitude, anyone can do leather craft.

[x] patientless. The most important thing about hobby is that you rarely see the result soon, you may need helps and training also. Most of the time, you look for an hobby but you soonly abandon.and return to TV, youtube, game : )) With leather craft, you can make DIY at the 1st time. Of courses, to reach artisan level we would need pratice time, training, material, tools,.. but even without them you can get quickly start to make leather DIY for use or as a gift to friends at an acceptable quality.

[x] cheap and profitable. Tools are not expensive. Leather is expensive if you buy a big sheet, but you can start by looking for left-over leather [very cheap but can use to make many types of leather DIY.

*let’s check my 1st and second leather DIY

*tools and materials



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