why did Batman choose a bat as his symbol ?

Source of the title : https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Batman-choose-a-bat-as-his-symbol

To face his fear and his phobia in every moment, I will answer.

Source of the image : https://www.deviantart.com/darkvoidpictures/art/Batman-Arkham-Bat-Symbol-828941694

All of us have fears and they vary constantly with your life-experiences. So, fears are something normal but what we do is usually unnormal — we try to hide from them. Fears of dogs, of spiders, of phantoms, of bad scores, of job-loss, of betrayal, of death, of bad people, of non-perfection, of future, of social crises— we all experienced fears in our life-time.

I was scared by darkness and bad phantoms, even when I am at the university. One day, I feel this fear is something that natural for me and I go down to the basement at night, I go across the forest at night to face my fears. I hoped that they will gone. But, my fear doesn’t disappear ! They are still there until now but I can admit them, they are a part of my personality.

We can choose to face or not our fears ! Identify and admit them as your nature. You can face — not easily, them when you admit them.

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